E1 3DQ Tarbert Walk

Rental Per Year £50

Rent a Locker

Cycle-Works manage the lockers at this site, and keys can be supplied to local residents. There is a refundable key deposit and a regular annual rental fee.
Whilst these are high-security lockers, users need to be aware that nothing is impregnable, and Cycle-Works cannot be held responsible for the contents or security. The lockers are supplied with a high-security padlock.

Users are required to keep the locks well lubricated to prevent them from seizing up.

Please note that users can only hire one locker per household. If you would like to hire more than one locker, please send us an email to accounts@cycle-works.com and we will add your name to the waiting list. If a locker is available after 4 weeks, we will contact you to let you know that you can sign up for your second locker by opening a new separate account for the new user.

Cycle-Parking Type



Installed In Use Available
2 1 1


£50.00 / year and a £50.00 key deposit


Tarbert Walk
E1 3DQ