Terms and Conditions Of Hire


By placing an order to hire a cycle locker or hangar space you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions:

Cycle-Works Ltd manage the cycle lockers or units at this site on behalf of their owners, and they can be rented by residents/students (as applicable) for the storage of bicycles and related accessories only.

There is a key deposit and annual rental charge for the use of these lockers or units. Please contact Cycle-Works on 02392 815555 or e-mail info@cycle-works.com if you require further information.

While these are well built, high-security lockers, users need to be aware that nothing is impregnable. Therefore, neither Cycle-Works nor the owner of the lockers can be responsible for their contents or security. Units are supplied with a quality padlock and key (individual lockers), or a key for the door (multi-bike units). Users should always lock their bikes securely inside the bike unit, using a good, high quality bike lock or chain. Users of individual lockers can also supply their own higher security padlock on the door, if desired. The original lock should be replaced at the end of the rental period


By accepting this agreement (by placing an order electronically), you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions:


1. The locker/hangar is for the sole use of the customer. It is not permitted to share the
locker, hanger or keys with another person. Should the customer wish to transfer the rental agreement onto another person, he/she must contact Cycle-Works for approval.

2. Ownership of the locker/hangar will remain with the owner throughout the rental period. The original keys should be returned to Cycle-Works at the end of the rental period and the locker closed and locked, with the supplied padlock

3. The customer agrees to pay Cycle-Works the annual charge for hiring the unit. There is also a key deposit, which is refunded at the end of the hire period if the keys, original padlock and locker are returned in good condition. These fees are payable in advance.

4. The customer agrees to hire the locker or hanger for 12 months.

5. If the customer does not terminate the rental contract by giving Cycle-Works a written 14 days’ notice before the end of the hire period, the hire period is automatically extended by another year.

6. Cycle-Works reserves the right to terminate the contract within 7 days of the user breaching any of the terms and conditions set out in this agreement. Cycle-Works then has the right to change the locks and remove any items from the locker or hanger. These will be labelled and stored for 2 months. After this period, Cycle-Works will dispose of them.

7. Considerations relating to requests for early termination of the hire period or for refunds will be undertaken on a case by case basis by Cycle-Works.

8. The locker is solely for private, personal use. The user shall not use the locker for any commercial or business purpose, or to store any items not related to cycling.


9. The customer is responsible for maintaining the locker in good working order at all times. Any damage resulting from the misuse of the locker will be covered by the customer.

No alterations to the locker, however temporary, are allowed. This excludes the user of the user’s own padlock, if preferred.

10. This locker is for storing bicycles and related equipment only. It is specifically prohibited for any storage of weapons, controlled substances, alcohol, flammable materials, explosives or live animals.

11. The customer must immediately report any damage to the locker or lock to Cycle-Works. If servicing is required, this should also be reported.

12. All maintenance and repair works are to be carried out only by Cycle-Works. However users can and should lubricate the locks or padlock, using a good lock lubricant.

13. Cycle-Works, the owner, the Police and other Security Agents are entitled to routinely access the locker at all times and without notice to the user, for the purposes of security, maintenance and repair.

14. Upon returning the keys after the cessation of the rental period, the customer must make sure that the locker is clean and empty.


15. Bikes left are at the owner’s risks. Neither Cycle-Works nor the owner will be liable for any damage/theft or loss of bikes or accessories. Individuals must arrange their own insurance if required, under a separate policy or under their household insurance. They must not use the locker if there is any doubt of it being fit for purpose.