Will anything stop the bike thieves?


A bike is stolen every 90 seconds in the UK. I, like I’m sure many of you, have had your bike stolen at some point (numerous bikes and numerous times in my case). It’s a pain in the backside lets be honest. Whether it’s your pride and joy, a commuter or just something that’s been lying around for years that you use every now and then; coming outside to see it’s gone is a gut-wrenching feeling.

You start doubting whether you’ve locked it up properly, how you’re going to get home, how you’re going to get to work, how much it’s going to cost for a new bike, thinking ‘Am I insured?’ Regardless of all these thoughts, its gone and pondering on the hows and whys won’t change it.

There are many expensive D-locks, clever locking clamps and heavy-duty chains to deter the type of people who see a desirable locked bike as an opportunity to acquire it and as evidence shows many of these people have the skills to achieve this. Statistically, the more cycle-friendly the city then more prevalent bike theft is; Cambridge and Oxford being 2nd and 3rd respectively for bike theft. 

What is the next step?

Well for me its bike lockers. Call me biased (as I work for a company that does exactly this) however being able to store your beloved steed in, essentially, a locked steel box is going to make any potential theft a lot more difficult. Protecting it from the elements as well as being able to store your helmet, waterproofs or whatever takes your fancy is an added bonus.

Councils, Universities and Park and Rides throughout the UK have bought these lockers into play and cyclists are clearly warming to them as the waiting lists are ever-growing.

Could this be the answer to the nationwide epidemic of bike theft?


James Finch